Lone Rock
Builders, LLC
About Us

Lone Rock Builders specializes in Home building, improvement and repair including:

Site layout, excavation, foundation, framing, exterior decks and porches, window and door installation, siding, asphalt roofing installation, concrete steps and walks.


We install pre-finished and finished in-place hardwood flooring, ceramic tile, natural stone tile and mortared glass block walls/windows.  Install kitchen and bath cabinets with Acrylic Solid-Surface and a variety of other countertop materials, appliance installation and interior trim carpentry work.  If we can do it we will. For phases of the job that our license doesn't cover we have great subcontractor relationships. They share our views on quality and service and we work closely with them for your plumbing, electrical and other specialized trades needs. This ensures that your project goes smoothly and as on-schedule as possible. We are experienced in project planning and the process to acquire permits so please ask, this is an important part of most projects. 


Why do we choose to be so hands on you may ask?  As a wise person once said “no-one cares about your money like you do.  To us, your project and your money are one and the same.  As the custodians of your project, we realize that, and approach every project with that in mind.  No one cares about your project like we do. Craftsmanship and customer service are important goals for our reputation and we work hard to maintain them.


Lone Rock Builders strives to develop an ongoing relationship with its customers to bring them years of worry free and affordable service.  As a family owned and operated business we feel this will perpetuate business, so it’s a win/win for all involved.  

We operate our business in the Pacific Northwest.  Primarily we work in Kitsap County in Western Washington, but please contact us and hopefully we can accommodate your building and home improvement needs. 

For our Customer's convenience we offer these payment options...


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