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Our Goal:
To meet and surpass our customer's expectations. From idea to completion, we provide professional knowledge and services for your home projects. If you would like a free estimate, or more info about our full range of home services, please fill out the form below. Only your name, email, and/or telephone are required for us to respond, but the more info you can provide about your project the better prepared we are to answer any questions you may have.  Or just call us at 360-620-7198

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Best time to call: Morning     Lunch-time     Afternoon     Evening

What type of Project:  (Please check all that apply)
  Kitchen     Bath     Addition     General Exterior     
General Interior     Garage     Basement     Other
Project Goal   (Please check all that apply)
  Add a specific task or room(s)               Expand to additional
Expand size of existing room(s)             Remove a previous
Improve the use of an existing space     Improve interior daylight
                                                                            in living spaces
Improve indoor air quality                        Update exterior facade

Update surface materials                        Increase energy
Project Priority   (Please check one item in each group of three.)
Space  Intimate, cozy spaces with nooks and niche
A combination of intimate and generous spaces
Grand and generously propotioned rooms
 Budget Keeping costs as low as possible
A keen eye on budget, but willing to spend for valuable returns
Elegance and grace of high importance
 Service Full service project: design coordinates all details for an integrated look
Interactive Services: you are involved in providing info, coodinating product and design selections
Basic or Consultation: you already have a design, and are essentially ready to go
 Finished Work Basic level of finish that you will detail on your own over time
Custom touches and details in highly visible areas with some areas unfinished
Exquisitely detailed throughout the entire project- "turn key"
 Green Value Holistic integrative design and healthy finishes are high priority
Ecologically sustainable products and increased indoor air quality are important
High energy effeciency and best investment practices are driving forces
Project Start Date 
1-3 months     3-6 months     6-12 months     A year or more

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